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Engine builders, and racers alike, think about improving the performance of their engines using this 4 stroke approach, or what I prefer to call the “old 4 process.” Sometimes people focus on the 4 critical camshaft timing events – intake valve opening (IVO), exhaust valve closing (EVC), intake valve closing (IVC), and exhaust valve opening (EVO) to characterize engine performance. 

This was a good step forward, but a finer breakdown is needed to really understand racing engines. Instead of the traditional 4 strokes, the modern high performance engine should be thought of as having 7 distinct individual processes. This “7 process” approach focuses on air flow through the engine and is a result of two decades of research



Professional version of ENGINEjr. Many more details and recommendations to help you get the ultimate in HP and torque from your engine! Years of research, 100’s of dyno tests, and 3 NHRA Competition Eliminator National Records later . . . this is the only “racer proven” software for the serious engine builder

Professional version of QUARTERjr. Ideal for Pro Stock Cars, Trucks and Bikes, and Competition Eliminator, Modified, Super Stock, etc. – or any drag racer with engine dyno data. Loads of graphs and printed output, just like from an onboard data recorder

The “ultimate PC based” weather station software. Works for any combinations of weather instruments and for every form of motorsports – drag racing, circle track racing, land speed racing, etc. Build your own weather station using this software

The “original” software for rear suspension analysis. Contains a simple 5-step process to correctly set-up your complete four link rear suspension system, including shocks and springs. Find the optimum four link bar combination on your PC, before you ever go to the dragstrip to test

Professional clutch management software for Pro Stock Cars and Trucks. Also includes most Alcohol class and Competition Eliminator style clutches! Find the best clutch setup (base, counterweight, ring height, etc.) on your PC and stop testing setups that just won’t work for your specific combination

Specially designed for the needs of land speed racers. Accurately predicts any vehicle’s top speed, including one- and two-mile asphalt, El Mirage and Muroc dry lakes, and Bonneville Salt Flat short and long courses. Many graphs and detailed printed output