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Dear Fellow Racer,

Over the years, most of the things that I have learned, I learned the hard way. Through trial and error, I spent a lot of time, money and energy learning how to get a race car to go around the corner and end up in victory lane. I always knew that chassis set up had to be based on some proven theory, but I could never find a book that could tell me what that theory was. Other competitors will offer you tips, but what works on their car may not work on yours and often they can't explain why something works for them, it just does. There is no one big trick to make your car handle better, rather it's all the little things done right that will make you consistently fast. As you will gather from this book, setting up your car right and properly maintaining it is a lot of work. That extra effort is what separates the front runners from the rest of the field. It costs just as much money, if not more, to run poorly, so you might as well learn to run well.

These theories will work with any kind of racecar. I will be using the GM G-Body metric chassis (78 or newer Malibu, Monte Carlo, Regal and Cutlass cars) for example purposes.

Read on and find out more about what I've learned...

Thanks, Michael Leone

"Street Stock Setup Manual"
Michael Leone Publisher:
ebook - (50+ illustrations)
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Street Stock Racing

What this book will teach you:

Front Suspension

  • Lower Control Arms - A 14 step process, from getting the right parts to how to modify them. Plus a sneaky trick.
  • Spindles - The big mistake a lot of people make.
  • Upper Control Arms - A 17 step process to getting them right.
  • Camber - Where to set your camber and chamber gain.
  • Caster - An in depth look at caster.
  • Sway Bar - Why it needs to be fine tuned, and how to do it.
  • Frame Heights - The foundation of a good handling car.
  • Bump Steer - An in depth look at what it is, and how to set it. A few things you may not have thought of.
  • Shock Travel - How much do you need? What's a cheap way to check it?
  • Springs - How each corner effects the car. What are most people afraid to try?

Rear Suspension

  • Rear End Prep - The trick to setting up the hosing.
  • Lower Control Arms - What's the mistake a lot of people make?
  • Upper Control Arms (Assuming a 4 link rear): Shorter? Longer?
  • Pinion Angle - This is a biggie. The trick to setting it, and not getting caught.
  • Rear Steer - What's best? How to change it.
  • Roll Steer - An in depth look.
  • Centers, Spools, Ratchets, Open Gears - How to get around the rules, including a sneaky trick that's hard to catch.


  • General - You won't go fast without getting them right.
  • Master Cylinders - Power or non? What's the best stock unit to use?
  • Brake Pads & Shoes - What you absolutely can't do on the front. What's the best material?
  • Brake Fluid - Which to use, and how often you need to change it.
  • Caliper Prep - How to modify them for racing.
  • Brake Balance - How to set it without a proportioning valve.


  • General - The right and wrong way to add it.
  • Scales - How to save yourself $990
  • Adding Ballast - Where and how. Sprung and un-sprung considerations.
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Pre Race Setup

  • Front Stagger - An in depth look at how it effects cross weight and frame heights.
  • Rear Stagger - For every track there is only one perfect stagger setting.
  • Cross Weight - How to set it without scales.
  • Frame Heights - Is it that important for set up?
  • Toe - A look at how it effects the car. What's best for your car? The easy way to set it.
  • Sway Bar - How to fine tune it for the quickest ets.

At the Race Track

  • Driver Communication - How to work with the driver like a pro.
  • Driving Style - How to get the best out of your car.
  • Making Changes at the Track - Mike's golden rules.

Quick Diagnoses Chart

  • Handling in the Middle of the Turn - 11 items to try if it's tight or loose.
  • Going into the Turn - 5 ways to help on entry.
  • Wheel Hop - 5 things that will reduce it.
  • Driving off the Corner - 5 ways to fix loose or tight.
  • Excessive Wheel Spin - 5 steps to controlling it.

Tire Temperatures

  • What are the Temps telling you? - 9 examples, and what they mean.
  • Diagnose - Air pressure, camber, tight, loose, wheel spin, toe, stagger, bent rear, etc.
  • Common misconceptions - The most common errors in reading tire temps.


  • If you get nothing else from this book, you'll want to at least get these four must-dos. They are the most important tips to successfully breaking the rules. What to do every week? What to do every 2-3 races, what to do every 4-5 races, and what to do every 10 races.

Other Tips & Tricks

  • Cooling System - 18 steps to keeping cool.
  • Power Steering - Proper setup.
  • Alternator - Yes or No?

Stock Car Racing

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  1. Free "Street Stock Doctor" Software at no extra charge. This alone is worth the price of the package. PC Nascar and Mac Nascar compatible.
  2. Free Unlimited Tech Support from Michael. He will answer any and all questions. What could this be worth to you?
  3. Free Access to Michael's -Members Only- Area. Package updates will be posted here, along with free extras.

No Risk - 100% Performance Guarantee

Terms: If after trying these techniques and software, you don't have quicker ETs, and you want your money back, we'll gladly send it. Because, if we haven't helped we don't want your money. The only thing that we ask is that you give it a fair effort. Read it and give it a try. Refunds will require proof that you put some effort into the material--This material is meant for the racer who truly wants to improve his performance.

What People are Saying:

"I have learned some good things from the book and probably will learn more in time. We're trying some things tonight."
Roger Gleason, Connecticut

"I bought your book last year and went from 12th in points to 4th. I also won my first race this year loved your book and your ideas they made all the difference."
Larry Venable, Virginia

"I just wanted to let you know that my father is really enjoying his purchase and he thinks the book is an excellent resource.."
The Dodges, Michigan

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Consider The Following:

  • It would only take one extra heat race victory in a year to pay for this package.
  • What is winning worth? How does it feel to win?
  • Already consider yourself an expert? How did you get that way? Remember, we all came out of the womb knowing nothing - we had to learn everything from someone else.
  • Just one good idea could make a huge difference. Even though you may already know most of these tips, what if you just found one tip you didn't know? What could that be worth?
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