How To Write a Winning Proposal
Milt Gedo - Sponsorship Speaker
"Transforms your Proposal into a Money-Maker"
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"I never realized how important the proposal was until I met Milt Gedo"

Don and I have traveled to Chicago for the racing expo every year for the last three - each year looking for interesting presenters. Milt Gedo was doing an hour long presentation on sponsorship last year so I wanted to meet and talk with him. What a bonus when I realized he was not just a guest speaker at the expo but he was also giving a full blown 8-hour seminar the following day on sponsorship. We went to Milt's booth where he showed us his book "How to write a winning proposal". It was only being sold at the Expo and during his seminars. This was such an excellent writing that we knew it would make a great addition to RacingSecrets. We are very proud to be offering this excellent product. Below is more information.

Thank You,
beverly frye

How To Write a Winning Proposal
Milt Gedo
Includes - (ebook & extras)

What Milt will teach you:

Proposal Intro

  • What should your racing sponsorship proposal include
  • What should never be in your proposal
  • Biggest mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Boilerplate vs. Custom Pages
  • What length should your proposal be
  • How to get your proposal read

Pre-Proposal Preparation and Organization

  • The seven vital questions you must ask before creating a proposal
  • How to prepare for three scenarios
  • Sample phone introduction script

Action Pages

  • What actions should you offer a sponsor prospect
  • Examples of On-Site Actions, Off-Site Actions, and Media Actions
  • How to focus on the sponsor benefits

Biography Pages

  • What to include in your bios
  • What to avoid like the plague
  • How to choose to best pictures
  • How big should this section be
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Demographic Pages

  • Where to find this info
  • Which stats to include
  • Customized vs. Boilerplate
  • How to use graphics

Statistics Pages

  • What four items must be in this section
  • Should you include references
  • How to focus on your marketability

Impact Pages and Page Design

  • How to get them excited
  • Where to place the most important text
  • How to proof your proposal
  • Sample impact pages

Putting It All Together

  • The rule of thumb you must read
  • How to make it look professional
  • Summary of what should be in your sponsorship proposal


"How To Write a Winning Proposal" ebook
  • Answers all the questions listed above.
  • Read right now via immediate download.
  • In the universal pdf format - able to be viewed by any computer.
  • Full Color.
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    • Transcribed Interview - Milt and Beverly did a one on one Q&A session specifically for this product. Over 30 minutes of transcribed audio you've got to read.
    • Guest Articles - We've got some of the smartest people in business giving you advice on subjects related to obtaining sponsorship. It's over 30 pages of powerful tips.
    • Discount Printing Coupon - We have negotiated a special printing price for purchasers of this product. A special coupon and instructions have been included.
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    racing sponsorship
    racing sponsorship

    ONE MORE BONUS: Still available.

    Free One-On-One Advice
    (With Milt)
    • Milt will answer any and all questions.
    • Ask specific questions about your sponsorship proposal book.

    Note: Milt is only going to offer this to a limited number of people, so get your order in today.

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    racing sponsorshipSuccess Stories:

    (1) With the information and education I received during your seminar, I was able to pick up Powerade as my sponsor. Even more remarkable, I was able to get the sponsorship mid season. I'll never forget the 2002 Mile-Hi Nationals - that was the start of my sponsorship. The thing I took away from the class most is that I need to help the sponsor more than he needs to help me. If you have anyone sitting on the fence, have them call me.

    Bill Lagoni

    (2) I purchased your 'How To Write a Winning Proposal' several months ago. I'm the one who had a question about putting prices in the proposal and we talked on the phone. I have great news to report. The first proposal I put together for our race team got 'two birds with one stone.' Here's what happened. As I told you we were going after sponsorship from the Delaware Army National Guard. After reading my proposal the Army Guard agreed to sponsor the car. They were so impressed with my proposal they showed it to the General in charge of marketing for the Air Force National Guard. That General was so impressed he agreed to match the Army Guard's sponsorship amount. So we got two sponsors with one proposal! I couldn't have done it without all of the great information I got from your book. Thanks

    Bruce C. Walls
    Bethany Beach, De

    No Risk, Performance Guarantee -- If after creating and distributing your new proposal book, using Milt's advice, you haven't acquired more sponsor funding and you think it's because of Milt's recommendations, we'll gladly send you your money back. All we ask is you give it a fair effort. Send us proof of no improvement and the product, and the check is on the way.

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