Sponsorship Roadmap
5 Steps to Team Funding


What's the top reason for teams racing without enough sponsorship?

Not having a good plan is the number one reason for failure. The Sponsorship Roadmap is not just a book, but a complete package of tools. You'll appreciate the fact we've cut through the nonsense and created a product that gives you proven methods and tools for obtaining more sponsors.

Advantage #1 - You'll know exactly what to do.
Advantage #2 - You'll have all the tools to maximize your sponsorship efforts.
Advantage #3 - You'll always have our one on one support to fall back on.

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The Sponsorship Roadmap - 5 Steps to Team Funding
Includes - (Book, CD & Audio)
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What you'll learn:

Preparing (Step 1)

  • How much should you ask for?
  • Do you have to win to get sponsored?
  • How to create an effective method of keeping track of prospects (see included software)
  • How to improve your team in all areas
  • How to create a War Room - this is a must read idea.

Prospecting (Step 2)

  • Where to look for sponsors - it's easier than you think
  • How to find the businesses most likely to sponsor a race team
  • How to choose the right type of sponsorship
  • Where to find more info on a prospect's business
  • How to spot a good prospect by keeping your eye on the business world

Contacting (Step 3)

  • How to make a good first impression
  • How to prepare for your first contact
  • What to say during your first phone call
  • What do businesses want to hear
  • How to leave a message
  • How to have more confidence
  • How to handle common objections
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Selling (Step 4)

  • What to do in your first face to face meeting
  • How to dress for success
  • How to prepare and give your presentation
  • How to answer questions/objections during the presentation
  • How to rehearse your presentation
  • How to create an exciting proposal
  • What to offer your sponsor prospect
  • How sell them on the idea
  • What do companies look for when deciding
  • How to close the deal
  • How to get paid

Delivering and Renewing (Step 5)

  • How to advertise your sponsor
  • How to get PR for your sponsor
  • How to help the sponsor market their products
  • How to make them money
  • How to make and keep them happy
  • The biggest mistakes teams make at this point
  • How to keep in touch with your sponsors


  • How to multiply your current sponsors
  • How to protect your current sponsors from other teams
  • How to get current sponsors to fund new cars
  • How to get sponsors to compete against each other

Bonus Sections - Must Read!!!

  • Tips from Nascar teams - Find out the outrageous method some teams are using.
  • Cheat Sheet - This will help you get sponsored as fast as possible.
  • Short Cuts - Including the one white lie that will dramatically improve your odds of sponsorship.
  • Why and how to form a separate company dedicated to finding you sponsors
  • Other sources of income
  • Sample forms and contracts
  • Resources


(1) SponsorTrack 2.0 CD
  • SponsorTrack 2.0 Database Software
    • Track potential sponsors.
    • Allows you to make your own database.
    • Keep track of every contact you make.
    • You can keep notes for future reference.
    • Unlimited number of records can be saved.
    • Works for any type of racing.
    • Easy to use.
  • Digital Forms and Samples (Edit to suit your needs)
    • Sample agreement
    • Sample contract
    • Sample newsletter
    • Sample e-mail newsletter
    • Media contact form
    • Sponsor contact form
    • Sponsor profile form
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    (2) Sponsorship Roadmap Companion Audio CD

    Beverly is a host of the Speed Talk Show and has interviewed some of the best money-getters in racing. She'll tell you what she's learned.

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    (3) Free Team Webpage

    The going rate for a web page these days is about $200 for design and over $100 per year for hosting. That is a $300 value that we include for free. This alone makes our package worth the price.

    (4) Members-Only Access

    Access only to purchasers of this package

    • Get the latest book updates.
    • Get the latest software updates.
    • Get the latest sponsorship articles.
    • Get the latest Internet resources.

    (5) Free One-on-One Support
    (Available to limited number of people)

    Still Available. If you have any questions that were not answered in the package we'll gladly answer any and all sponsorship related questions.

    No Risk, 1 Year Performance Guarantee -- If after putting the products advice to use, you haven't acquired at least enough extra sponsorship to pay for twice the price of this product, we'll gladly send you your money back. All we ask is you give it a fair effort for at least a year. Send us proof of no improvement and the product, and the check is on the way.

    Frequently asked question:

    sponsorship Question: I already have a team web page, can I purchase the package without the web page?

    Answer: The team web page is offered for free with the package and is a great idea even if you already have a site - it's just another way for potential sponsors to find you.

    sponsorship Question: Can the information be used for any type of racing?

    Answer: Absolutely, we talk about drag and stock car racing, but these methods and tools will work with any type of racing.


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