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You need to look no further than the line of motor homes and enclosed trailers in the pits to understand the cost racing has gone up. If this trend continues it may drive the little guy right out of the sport.

As the host of a show called Speed Talk, I've interviewed some of the best sponsorship minds in the world. For example Andrew Waite, who has sold more books than anyone else on the subject of sponsorship. His book, "The Great Money Hunt", has been through at least 6 printings and is sold all over the world.

Continuing on with our Best of Speed Talk series, we've decided to put together a pack on the subject of sponsorship - 12 interviews in all. Andrew Waite's interview is just the start, we also have Charlie Hayes of The Action Group and Phil Veldheer who is known as the Sponsorship Coach. Check out the complete list below.

If you want to get sponsored and are looking for a wide range of ideas on how to get that done, I think we can help. Please read on for more info about these interviews.

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SPONSORSHIP EXPERTS - Best of Speed Talk Series
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Great Money Hunt Andrew Waite - Author of "The Great Money Hunt"
Andrew is the president of NEXZUS Motorsports Marketing, Inc.NEXZUS represents drivers, teams and sponsors seeking productive marketing partnerships using motor sports as the compelling theme. Andrew has also written the very successful book on getting sponsorship "The Great Money Hunt" www.racefree.com
Get Sponsored Charlie Hayes - Owner of The Action Group
Author of the Book "Get Sponsored Millennium Edition." Charlie has worked with many well known drivers and teams, including John Force, Mario Andretti and Newman-Haas Racing, and the Jim Russell Driving Schools. He is also a Former National Marketing Manager for Earl's Performance, and was responsible for managing their corporate sponsorships. www.actiongroup-motorsports.com
Sponsorship Coach Phil Veldheer Author of "The Sponsorship Coach"
Phil Veldheer may well be the most successful amateur team owner in auto racing. While working a full time job, Phil is still able to run a five car team, and he runs it without any of his own money. We could all learn a ton from what he's done. He is also the author of "The Sponsorship Coach" www.race4free.com
Winning Proposals Milt Gedo - Author of "Winning Proposals"
Milt is unique in the fact that he is one of the few sportsman racers who race for a living. He also gives sponsorship seminars in the off season. In addition, Milt also writes a columns for Drag News Magazine and Ernie Saxtons Sponsorship Newsletter. Milt is also the author of "Winning Proposals" www.Sponsorship-101.com
New Century Marketing Robert Villegas
Robert took his experiences at UPS and retired early to pursue both his writing aspirations and his motor sports interests. He started New Century Marketing Concepts in order to help drivers and teams obtain sponsorship. Robert is the author of “The Fundamentals of the Sponsor Search.” He has also helped teams in a number of racing series with the development of their sponsorship proposals. www.insmkt.com
Performance PR Steve Post - Owner of Performance PR Plus
Steve Post works for Performance PR Plus in Charlotte NC. Performance PR Plus is considered to be one of the best public relations company in motor sports today. They have a long list of current and past clients that include Jeff Gordon and Kenny Wallace. Steve is currently managing the Havoline account with Robert Yates Racing and Ricky Rudd. www.MotorSportsPR.com
MotorSports Marketing Michael Morris - Owner of MotorSports Marketing
Michael has worked in close contact with many marketing directors for large companies and understands the frustration from both the potential sponsor and the race team. His website motorsports-marketing.com, has been designed to allow race teams a place to look for sponsors. Sponsorship is the only way to continue to move up in racing circles unless as Mike puts it "you are independently wealthy". www.motorsports-marketing.com
P.R. & Promotions Steve Wright - Owner of TNT P.R. & Promotions
Steve is what you might call a hired gun - If you need sponsors for your car, Steve will find them. With his record of signing sponsors, I would not be surprised to see a big name team scoop him up. His other functions within the team are handling public relations & promotions. He was also involved in the politics of a series, serving as Vice President and then President of the Suntana Auto Racing Association. www.tntracingpromos.com
Wanna Get Backed John Kitovitsu - Author of "Wanna Get Backed"
John is the author of the "Wanna Get Backed" Cd-rom and owner of the site getbacked.com. Instead of just theory, John gives us some actual ideas on how to quickly get sponsorship for your race team. According to John, he has matched over 60 racers and sponsors within the past 6 months - an impressive record. www.getbacked.com
Getting Sponsors Jay Wagner - Author of "Getting Sponsors & Keeping Them"
Jay has found a way to bring together business and racing which we all know equals sponsorship. Jay can also offer other marketing tools to help fund your racing team. He offers everything for the sponsor search from proposals to website creation. Jay has also offered to take a look at your proposal and critique it for free!. www.jaywagner.com
Racing University Jim Switzer - Owner of Racing University
Jim Switzer talks about how to create team funding using the experience he has obtained from creating this great site. Sponsorship is a hot topic but Jim gives us a whole new prospective. He tells us how to create a successful web business while promoting our race team. www.RacingU.com
High Performance Marketing Brian Graham - Owner of High Performance Marketing
High Performance Marketing is a bit different than many of the other firms or organizations that work in this industry. They are the only company of this kind that specializes in smaller teams competing in local or regional level programs. Brian offers us some insight into the racing industry. He tells us how to position ourselves to can get the sponsorship we need. www.hpm-inc.com

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Where to look for sponsors.
Best contact first contact method - phone, mail, in-person, etc
How to make the first contact.
What do you say on the phone.
What do you say in person.
How to get past the secretary/receptionist.
How to get them to see you in person.
How to prepare for the first meeting.
How to find the decision maker.
How to combat common objections.
How to best utilize your proposal.
How to impress with your presentation.
How to get them to close.
How to keep the sponsor coming back year after year.
What to do before we begin our search
How to find the right companies to contact
How to build a list of prospects
How to make a research call
Getting your foot in the door
Cold calling
Conversation tips
Creating a Sponsorship Program
What to offer a prospective sponsor
Getting commitment
Responding to objections
How to speaking the sponsor's language
Managing your sponsors
Keeping sponsors happy
Getting sponsors to commit for another year
How does a racer set himself apart from others
Driver's Personalities
Quickest way to get sponsored
Creative team funding ideas
Future trends in team funding
Common mistakes racers make.
Recommended reading
How to get on the cover of major publications
How to get articles written about you and your team
How to get your name mentioned at the racetrack.
How to write for publications
How to deliver for your sponsors
How to build a multi-car team
How to get organized
What to do in the off-season
Planning for next season
How to get your first sponsor
How to build an action/asset list
How to pick the low hanging fruit.
Using insurance to increase your odds -- this is a must-hear.
Resources to find information on potential sponsors
Formula for what to do in the first meeting, second etc.
How to know you're wasting your time
Trends in advertising
30 days, 90 days, and 1 year goals
Advice for the frustrated racer
What are the best types companies to target for sponsorship?
What sponsors expect from a race team
Besides self-funding, ideas on how racers can fund their teams.
Best methods of promoting a team website
Things that can be done at the track to make money for the team
How to create a profitable team web business.
How does sponsorship differ between a pro team and a local racer
How to create an image that will appeal to all types of sponsors
How to learn about marketing when all you know is racing
How to use team merchandise
Ideas for at the track promotions

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