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What do you get when you take two of the sharpest minds in racing (Jere Stahl & French Grimes) and add two of the most accomplished engine builders in the country (Brad Morgan & Bill Maropulos)? I GOOD START.

Today we're announcing our third Experts Audio release - Engine Experts. This almost 10 hour set includes interviews with individuals at the forefront of racing.

Scroll down to find out more about the interviewees and the topics that were discussed. I think you'll be impressed.

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Jere Stahl - Stahl Headers
Jere was the first person to manufacture and sell 4 tube headers for Chevrolet engines in 1963, he invented the adapter flange concept, adjustable primaries, step headers, reversion collectors, flow booster collectors and tri-flow collectors. Jere's comments cover cam design to dyno testing. www.stahlheaders.com
Brad Morgan - Reher Morrison
Brad Morgan handles the short block duties at Reher Morrison. Brad pulls no punches while giving his thoughts on getting the most out of the bottom end. Look below to see all the areas covered.. www.rehermorrison.com
French Grimes - French Grimes Race Systems
French Grimes is one of the top engine tuners in the country. He's also the developer of the RaceSaver® Spec 305 Sprint Car Series - a series that tries to prevent money from buying a significant advantage. The interview is over two hours of tips on getting the most out of your engine and car. French is very knowledgeable and a straight shooter - a combination that makes for a great interview. www.frenchgrimes.com
Bill Maropulos - Maropulos Racing Engines
Bill has built engines at the highest levels of both stock car and drag racing. In '85, '87 and '93 Bill was the nhra world champ in competition eliminator - a series of racing that clearly shows who makes the most power. Today he's focusing on building engines for the nascar west series and looks to be having the same level of success. Maropulos Racing, 4930 Leeds St., Simi Valley, Ca 93063
Kirk Millner - Comp Cams
Kirk has been in the cam business since the mid-eighties. He started out grinding cams for Harold Brookshire at Ultadyne. He then left Ultradyne to help an unknown upstart cam company called Bullet Cams, there he made masters and did all the grinding. In 94' Kirk went to work for Joe Lunati. Currently he's heading up tech support for Comp Cams. www.compcams.com
John Noonan, Jeff Ginter & Tony Ramos - JE Pistons
Jeff Ginter (Center) is the Sales Manager at JE Pistons, John Noonan (Left) Motorcycle Products Manager, who has gone 249mph at Bonneville on a motorcycle, and Tony Ramos (Right) is the Head of the Sports Compact Department. These guys had a great sense of humor and were an open book on the subject of pistons. www.jepistons.com
Steve Bown - PSI (Performance Springs Inc.)
Steve Bown is the President and Lead Engineer at PSI (Performance Springs Inc.) This company has taken the racing world by storm. Teams in Nascar, IRL and NHRA Pro Stock have won with their springs. CV Products is the exclusive distributor. www.cvproducts.com
Robert Loftis - Eagle Products
Robert Loftis is the General Manager at Eagle Specialty Products, better know as Eagle Rods. He helps set the direction of the company and has input on product design. www.eaglerod.com
Dan Wheeler - Polar Bear Cryogenics
Dan Wheeler's Polar Bear Cryogenics has two locations, one in Kalamazoo, MI and the other in Nascar country where he works with many top teams. www.polarbearcryogenicsco.com


Misc. Questions:
What's the absolute easiest way to make more power?
What are the keys to getting the most out of any engine?
What would you say is the best kept secret in making more power?
What do you see as the next big trend in building unlimited engines?
How to pick the best header configuration (180, Tri-Y, Step, etc)
How to tune your headers at the track
How to tune on the dyno
How to get the most out of your headers
How to pick a good muffler
The latest trends in header design
Does scavenging exist?
How to pick the best dyno shop
How to ensure good dyno test results
How to build an affordable dyno
The biggest mistakes in dyno design
BSFC - What is it and how to use the numbers
Weather correction tips
The latest on inertia wheel dynos
How to get the best valve springs
The latest developments in cam design
How to pick the right cam
The latest developments in head port design
Exh% and its effect on cam and header design

Picking the right cam:
Variables you look at - compression, heads, converter, gear, exhaust, etc
Type -flat hyd, hyd roller, flat solid, roller
Lobe Family
Intake duration
Exhaust duration
Lobe separation
Intake centerline
Basecircle size
Camshaft Core
Installing the camshaft:
Prep work
Setting intake centerline
Breaking-in cam:
Flat tappet - relationship between lobe taper and lifter crown
What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to camshafts?
What are the future trends in cam design?

Valve Springs:
Configuration - you thoughts on each
Wire shape
Spring shape - beehive, etc
Number of coils
Characteristics - you thoughts on each
Seat pressure
Open pressure
Spring rate
Coil bind
Prep work
Controlling Bounce - Spin-Tron Testing
Loft over the nose - good or bad?
What have you learned from your customers?
Valvetrain weight
Getting the most out of your valve springs
Retainers - fit, etc
Spring Locaters
Oiling/Cooling of springs

Pistons & Rings:
Dome shape
Skirt design, shape, finish, minor thrust, major thrust, skirt clearance
Controlling expansion
Ring seal
Anti detonation grooves
Pressure control grooves
Top ring depth from top of piston
Thoughts on piston rings
Pin offset
Oil control
Compression height - pin in oil groove
Weight reduction and lightweight piston design
Valve reliefs
Exotic materials
Pistons pins
Pin oiling
Pin locks
Gas porting
Prep work
Install tips
Initial engine start up tips
Radical configurations (2 ring pistons, etc)
What are they doing in: Nascar, Pro-Stock, F1,etc
Future trends in piston design

Engine Tuning:
Choosing the right parts:
How do we go about choosing the right parts for our engine?
Dyno tuning:
Take us through the steps of getting the most out of an engine on the dyno
Chassis dyno tuning:
Track tuning:
Take us through the steps of getting the most out of a car at the track.
Rods, Pistons, Rings, camshafts, headers, etc
Ignition system
carburetor, fuel injection, gasoline, alcohol, BSFC
"Tune by committee"
What are the biggest mistakes you see people make when tuning?
What are the future trends in tuning?

H-Beam - Pro and Con
I-Beam - Pro and Con
Pin Fit - Clearance
Rod Length - How to pick best rod length
Weight - How important to performance, how to reduce
Balancing - Proper method, where to take weight, tolerance
Prep - Getting rods ready for install
Installing - Tips for installing rods, proper torque method
Biggest mistakes people make ?
Future Trends in rod design?

Balancing - Internal, external, counter weight design, center weights
Weight - How important to performance, how to reduce
Journal sizes - smaller better?
Oiling - Windage, oil chamfer, cross drilling
Corner radius - Strength, bearing considerations
Bearing clearance
Prep - Cleaning, Block clearancing, etc
Installing - Tips for installing crank
Biggest mistakes people make?
Future trends in crank design?

Misc. Topics:
Cylinder Blocks
Timing Gear
Rocker Arms
Push Rods
Oiling System
Cooling System
Ignition System
Engine Longevity
Component lightening
Biggest mistakes people make in engine building?
Current trends in engine building?
HP & Torque curves
Cylinder Heads
Intake Manifold
Oiling System
What do you see as the next big trends?
Nascar engine shop secrets

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Customer Comments:

    "Interviews are great and provide information not readily available. As a professional engine builder and "information junkie" I find all of this very refreshing. Keep up the good work."
    Mike Thompson - Thomson Automotive
    Dearborn Heights, MI

    "I enjoyed it. It's a good thing that you guys can do this kind of research for me"
    Paul Melanson
    Denver, CO

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  2. Terry Dyson - Oil Analysis
  3. Greg West - Gasket/Sealing Technology
  4. Steve Morris - Maximum Effort Engines

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