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Spark Plug Reading Kit

Spark Plug Inspection
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If you were to give the same engine to 10 different racers how many different results would you have? 10! I've seen it first hand, some racers are just better than others at getting the most out of their combination.

Me, I've never had the most money so I've had to learn how to tune.

At RacingSecrets.com we've been selling a spark plug inspection light for a couple of years now. We've always wanted to create a video to go along with it, but never had the time. Well, it's finally done.

There is no other product like it on the market -- at any price. Please read the full product descriptions below. Also, for the past few months we've been sending out the videos for review, and we've posted some of feedback.

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Spark Plug Reading Kit
Includes - (Plug Light & Video)

Spark Plug Inspection

What the VIDEO will teach you:

plug reading chart
How NOT to Read Plugs

  • Using industry plug reading charts (pic above) is fine for tuning up a tractor, but they have no place in any kind of racing.
  • I would say that 99% of the advice you see on how to read spark plugs will not work for racing.

Reading the Porcelain

  • This is the area where most racers think they've got it figured out -- most don't.
  • "The black specs on detonating plugs are aluminum" -- WRONG! Some think it's carbon, that's wrong also. You'll be blown away when you find out what it actually is and what it's telling you.
  • What does the porcelain tell you about jetting?
  • What does the porcelain tell you about ignition timing?
  • What does the porcelain tell you about heat range?

Reading the Ground Strap

  • This area is ignored by most racers, yet it holds vital clues to what the engine wants.
  • How different combustion chamber shapes can effect reading of the ground strap.
  • What does the ground strap tell you about jetting?
  • What does the ground strap tell you about ignition timing?
  • What does the ground strap tell you about heat range?
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Reading the Center Electrode

  • Another area that is completely ignored.
  • What does the center electrode tell you about jetting?
  • What does the center electrode tell you about ignition timing?
  • What does the center electrode tell you about heat range?


  • Make a mistake here and risk blowing up your engine.
  • This area probably creates more arguments than any other, people hold strong beliefs that are not backed testing.


  • How much power can be made by indexing.
  • When should you index your plugs.
  • How to properly do it.


  • You will learn how to set your jetting (air-fuel ratio) for best power.
  • You will learn how to set your ignition timing for best power.
  • You will learn how to select the proper heat range plug for best power.
  • AND, you will learn in what order your should set them -- very important!


Inspection Light
  • Pro Light (top of picture)
    • Instrument quality
    • Super High Intensity Bulb
    • 4X viewing lens
    • Adjustable rheostat
    • 3 sizes of viewing speculas
Spark plug lights

Instructional Video (Included with both lights)

What people are saying about the VIDEO:

    "This video absolutely debunks traditional views of spark plug analysis. Never seen anything like this in all the articles, magazines and books."
    J.T. Thannum
    Germantown, TN

    "The amount of knowledge I gathered about heat ranges of plugs, jetting of carburetors and checking for proper timing is priceless."
    F.D. Deitch
    Clarington, OH

    "The video condenses years of blood, sweat, tears and mistakes."
    R.D. Leigh
    Witt, IL

    "I would recommend this video to anyone wanting to get the most out of an engine"
    Ron Streigle
    Anaheim, CA

    "If you think you know how to read a plug, you need to buy this video, thinking it, doesn't make it so."
    Arnie Henrickson
    Lacey, WA

    "I can now rely on looking at plugs to judge the tune of my engine."
    T. Lemenager
    Ashkum, IL

    "I was really shocked when I looked at my first spark plug. I wish I would have had access to this 10 years ago."
    Toby Miller
    Nappanee, IN

Holley Warning! Get ready to be popular.

Once others find out you know how to read plugs, you won't be able to pull out your plug light without other racers showing up with spark plugs for you to read -- happens to me all the time.

The Proof:
I was dyno testing a 377" Ford when I got a huge lesson on what the wrong ignition timing can cost you. 42hp LOSS !!! by just adding 1 degree too much timing. I did (A-B-A) test this -- lowering the timing 1 degree brought all the HP back. With the wrong timing this engine would have soon blown up. Think you could have felt this in the car? I doubt it. The only way to do it at the track is by inspecting the spark plugs.

Kit Price: Normally $139
Special Price: $99

Today's Price: $69
Contents (2 items): Plug Inspection Light & Instructional Video

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No Risk, Performance Guarantee -- If you don't make more hp after using this kit for a full year, I'll gladly send your money back. All I ask is you give it a fair effort.

Something I Can't Guarantee -- That this Plug Reading Kit will still be available for $99 the next time you visit the site. If they start to sell like gangbusters, which I'm sure they will, I'd be CRAZY not to raise the price by ten or twenty bucks.

Not Convinced? Compare The Costs:
  • Dyno Test: $350 - $500
  • Lost Race: $$$
  • Blown Engine: $$$$
  • Plug Reading Kit: $99

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