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Dear Fellow Racer,

Do you know how many teams receive free camshafts every year? How about carburetors, oil, gaskets or tires? There are racers receiving (for free) everything from tow rigs, to trailers, to everything on their race car.

How do they do it? They're organized! If you're serious about obtaining more sponsorship, you've got to take full control of the process. How many racers keep track of every correspondence they have with a potential sponsor? Not many.

If you're reading this, you're one of the following:

Driver / Team Owner - You're probably racing on your own money, and hence don't want to mess with having to look for sponsors. Well, our product doesn't require a lot of work or effort. Read on to see how we can help.

Team Owner - You're probably highly motivated to acquire further funding. You will be the first to recognize the value of our product. Read on to find out how to automate your sponsor search process.

Current Driver or Looking for Ride - Maybe you think you're just a hired-gun and don't have to help find sponsors. Well I have news for you, half of the pro drivers in NASCAR & NHRA have secured a driving spot by bringing sponsors to the program. I mean, look at some of those old-timers, do you think they would have a ride if it wasn't for the money they brought to the team? Grab the bull by the horns, and help secure yourself a driving position by bringing sponsors with you.

Do you think pro teams use software to track their sponsor hunt efforts? Of course they do -- read on to see how you can use the same tools the pros use.

Sponsor Hunt Software
Platform: Windows PC

Racing Sponsors

Software Features:

The Data

  • Over 2000 listings of potential product & money sponsors. Many of these companies sponsor 1000s of cars every year. These companies are directly involved in racing.
  • Listings include the name of a contact person -- very important to being successful.
  • Listings include address, phone, fax, website and email address for the company.
  • Edit listings at anytime.
  • Add as many new listings as you need. This will allow you to also keep track of your local prospects.

Works with All Types of Racing

  • The companies in the database are involved in ALL types of racing.
  • If you race with an automotive engine, these companies are involved.
  • Drag Racing, Stock Car Racing, Motorcycles, Boats, etc.
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Ease of Use

  • Works like a simple Rolodex, but with a ton more power and features.
  • Comes with on-screen help to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Time Saving

  • Prints address labels.
  • Prints personalized cover letters.
  • Quickly search locally or across the country.

Main Screen
Racing Sponsors

Main Screen

  • Keeps info on potential sponsors
    • Address, city, state, zip
    • Phone and fax numbers
    • Email and website
    • Name of contact person
  • Keeps track of all correspondence. How impressed will a potential sponsor be if you can remember every single correspondence you've had with them?
    • Date of every correspondence?
    • Type of correspondence?
      • Phone call
      • In person
      • Mail
      • Fax
      • Email
      • Voice mail
      • Or enter anything you like to describe your action.
    • What was their response?
      • Said to call back
      • Stop by
      • Send a proposal
      • Talk to someone else at the company
      • Or enter anything you like to describe their response.
  • Email companies directly from within the software.
  • There is also unlimited space to keep any notes you'd like.

List View
Racing Sponsors

List View

  • Quickly scroll through the list of sponsor targets.
  • Sort by any method -- Company, city, state, etc.
  • Quickly switch to main screen to view prospect details.
  • Send emails to multiple prospects.

Print Labels
Racing Sponsors

Print Labels

  • Don't address envelopes by hand ever again, print labels in seconds.
  • Uses Avery 5160 / 8160 labels or equivalent (very common size).
  • This feature is great -- think about how much time you'll save.

Custom Cover Letters
Racing Sponsors

Custom Cover Letters

  • Automatically creates custom cover letters for each potential sponsor.
  • Add your own photo or logo to the letter head.
  • Automatically adds your contact info.
  • Automatically adds prospect address.
  • Adds your own body text. You only have to input this text once, the software will add it to every letter for you.
  • Adds "Sincerely, [your name]" to end of letter.
  • All you have to do is enter your info one time, and the software takes care of the rest.

On-Screen Help

  • Find explanations for every menu function.
  • Find answers to common questions.
  • Straight to the point, not a 500 page manual full of computer jargon.

Find Mode

  • Search by any criteria.
    • Company name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Phone Number
    • Fax Number
    • Email address
    • Company website
    • Contact person

How to Best Use this Software

  • Start by contacting the 2000+ sponsor prospects that are included with the software.
  • Then start adding your local prospects to the software.
  • Keep track of every correspondence you have with a potential sponsor -- from phone calls to in person meetings to emails.

Free Upgrades for Life
Don't worry about having outdated software -- when a new version of Sponsor Hunt comes out, we'll notify you, and give you details on how you can receive it for free.
What Are People Saying:

"Sponsor Hunt is easy to use, printing cover letters and address labels all on the same program helps. The record-keeping feature keeps the responses to your letters and what your responses were. Thanks for the great software."
George Fain (4 G Racing)

Frequently asked questions:

Racing Sponsors Question: Won't the companies included with your software be bombarded with sponsorship requests?

Answer: Maybe, but most of the companies will do product sponsorship with just about anyone who sends a good looking proposal. It's not like these companies just sponsor one team a year, some give free product to 1000s of teams a year. Also, this software is not meant just for the included companies, it's also for your list of prospects -- this is where you're most likely to strike gold.

Racing Sponsors Question: I don't need product sponsors -- I need money. How will your software help me?

Answer: Granted, most of the companies prefer to do product sponsorship, but what difference does it make? The money you saved on parts is the same as a sponsor giving you money. I know racers who don't spend a penny on parts -- sponsors give them everything.

Racing Sponsors Question: What companies are included in the database?

Answer: Over 2000 racing related businesses. To view the names of the companies download the 75k .pdf file -- you'll need Adobe Acrobat to view.

No Risk, Performance Guarantee -- If after using this software for a reasonable amount of time you haven't acquired at least enough product sponsorship to pay for twice the price of this product, we'll gladly send your money back. All we ask is that you give it a fair effort -- mail proposals, and contact companies in the database.

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