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A book on how to cheat at racing? Yep, I'm not afraid to write about it. Really I wrote it as a companion to the "Hidden Head Porting" book. The "Art of Cheating" was written from years of experience with both the NASCAR and NHRA tech inspection process--I've been through both many times without a single problem. Read on and find out more about what I've learned...

Don Terrill (publisher at

"Art of Cheating" (Pro Version)
Don Terrill Publisher:
Format: ebook

What this book will teach you:

Why there are rules

  • Yes, believe it or not, rules are good for racing.

Why cheating is a good thing

  • Feel guilty about cheating? Read these three reasons why cheating is a good thing and you'll feel a lot better.

Why racers must cheat

  • Four reasons why we can't help ourselves--we've got to cheat.

How to pick the right rules to break

  • A list of the easiest rules to break.
  • Risk ratings for all types of rules.
  • List of rules you should never cheat.
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Sample Engine Cheats (Pro Version Only)

  • How to change casting numbers
  • 2 Daytona 500 cheats
  • The 7 cylinder engine cheat
  • Creative air leaks for power
  • Trick carburetor modifications
  • Powerful fuel mixtures
  • And many more secrets…

How to get through tech inspections

  • 10 ways to slide through tech with ease.

What to do if you're caught

  • 18 ways to get yourself out of trouble.

The cheater's cheat-sheet

  • If you get nothing else from this book, you'll want to at least get these four must-dos. They are the most important tips to successfully breaking the rules.

What People are Saying:

"I have just downloaded your articles on "The Art Of Cheating" and "Hidden Head Porting" and LOVE them!"
Kent Stricklan


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