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Are you serious about getting a job with a Nascar team?

Dear Job Hunter,

It's been three years since Beverly and I first teamed up to help people find employment with Nascar teams. We've helped many people find jobs in racing, including positions with top Nascar teams. It's been a great time. We've offered many products and services over that time frame, but nothing even comes close to our current package: "7 Steps to a Nascar Career". We've taken all of our best information and made an all-in-one package that's in an easy to use format.

We've learned many things over the last three years and one of the biggest is that some of the most qualified people are the worst job hunters and the people with little or no experience are the best. Why is this? I think it's pretty simple, the people with all the experience expect teams to call them and they think that having experience is enough to get them a job. I can tell you, with out a doubt that it's all about how you market yourself. So I wish these people would stop thinking that the world owes them a Nascar job and start working on marketing.

Getting a job with a Nascar team is a difficult thing. Below is information on our package. We believe it to be the best package on the market, just read what others have said below.

Thanks and good luck with your job search !!!

What this package will teach you:

Finding the job openings

  • Nascar's own "Job Hotline" phone number. (very few know about this one)
  • The key to the hidden job market.
  • What publications you must subscribe to.
  • What email newsletter to read for inside Nascar info.

Getting the skills and experience

  • Where to find hands-on training.
  • How to get the skills teams are looking for.
  • A quick start guide for the impatient job hunter
  • What to do before you ever think about contacting a team.

How to put yourself ahead of the crowd

  • How to self proclaim that you're above the rest. (this works every time)
  • How to get people to talk about you.
  • How to not act like just another job seeker.
  • When does it pay to be bold.
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How to write a killer resume

  • What are the hot button items to have in your resume.
  • What is the one thing to never put on your resume?
  • Why you're probably not the best person to write your own resume.
  • Should you use a cover letter? 

How to get your resume looked at

  • Envelope tricks to increase your odds.
  • Who's the right person to send it to.(you'll be surprised by this one)
  • How to keep your resume out of the trash can.
  • Teams only look at 10 percent of the resumes. How to be one of them.

  How to get an interview

  • Why this is the most difficult thing to do.
  • Why waiting by the phone will be a long wait.
  • How to take the initiative.
  • This one trick works almost every time.

What people are saying

"After going to only 13 different teams I got interviewed and offered a job. Thanks for your help, Craig"
Craig Osborne
Lockbourne, OH

"Your package is great!"
Vicki Huson
Windsor, CA

"Thanks for your help. Using a lead you gave me, I went to the shop and was offered a job within an hour. It was unbelievable. Thanks again"
Jamie Miller
Royal, AR

"I must congratulate you on your package. It is the most comprehensive that I sent for and received"
Larry DeDent
Malvern, OH

What to do during the interview

  • How should you dress. (most people get this one wrong)
  • What are the 5 things they want to hear.
  • What to never talk about.
  • Answers to the most common questions

  What to do after the interview

  • The one thing you should never do after an interview.
  • Why playing it cool works.
  • How to make them think you may be headed elsewhere.
  • Read the interviewer to know what to do.

How to get the salary you want

  • This may be the easiest thing to do. I'll show you how.
  • Never accept the first offer, I'll show you why.
  • Build your perceived value.
  • Get help from these people????? and you're on your way.

How to keep the job

  • How to play the shop politics game and win.
  • What is the one thing you must do on your first day.
  • How to make sure you'll never have to work hard to get a job again.
  • How to move up the ladder.

Are you serious?

Most of the people try to find a Nascar job are not. They buy a list of addresses and then give it a half hearted effort only to give up after sending out 20 or 30 resumes. I can tell you that your chances of you getting a job with that kind of effort are zero. So if that's all you're going to do, don't waste your time or money.

But, If you are serious about getting a job with a Nascar team, then our "7 Steps to a Nascar Career" package may be just the thing to get you the job of your dreams.

Our package includes:

7 Steps to a Nascar Career" Book Racing Jobs
Our newest book walks you step by step thru the job search process. If you stick to our system, you dramatically increase your odds of success

All of our Nascar Team Listings Racing Jobs Racing Jobs Racing Jobs Racing Jobs
This includes: address, phone number, fax number and contact name for over 160 Nascar Teams

"Nascar Job Search" Audio CD. Nascar jobs
Read by Marketing Expert Beverly Frye, this tape is packed full of useful tips and secrets to finding that job in racing.

Our new "Job Tracker" software Nascar jobs
Custom designed software to help organize your job search. Includes over 160 teams in a database format. Keep track of your search every step of the way. This is not cheap shareware type software, it's patterned off the worlds best consumer based database software.

Package price: $99

For a limited time receive the following bonuses:

Now, the above information and services alone are worth the price of the package, but if you order now, I will include the following bonuses.

Bonus 1 - Samples, Forms and Guides Nascar jobs
25 Sample Resumes

Sample Cover Letters
Sample Employment Contracts
The "Resume Guide"
We've loaded the cd with sample resumes, sample cover letters, the "Resume Guide" and sample employment contracts, including: employment agreements and no-compete contracts. Over 45 documents in all.

Bonus 2 - Preferred Access to Job Openings Nascar jobs
3 month access to job listings at

This alone is worth the price of the package. People who have purchased our package will have first shot at all new job listings. This can be a big advantage.

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