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ET and MPH ProgramET and MPH (drag racing) Calculator

(1) Program (.exe)
Predicts 1/4 mile ET and MPH from horsepower and vehicle weight. Now, this may seem like a simple little program, but one of my favorite uses is to see where my car is weak. Does the car need more or less gear ratio? Do I need more converter speed? Do I need to work on starting line traction? Depending how my ET & MPH matches with the program's ET & MPH I will have a good idea where to look for improvement.
  • Input: Rear Wheel Horsepower (this is less than dyno hp)
  • Input: Total Vehicle Weight
  • Output: Estimated 1/4 mile ET
  • Output: Estimated 1/4 mile MPH

Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows

Part of the "Drag Racing Pack" collection of programs.