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Effective/Dynamic Compression Ratio ProgramEffective Compression Ratio Calculator

(1) Program (.exe)
Calculates the dynamic compression ratio of an engine. The camshaft plays a huge role in the actual compression of an engine. Compression is not built until the intake valve closes. Looking at the effective/dynamic compression ratio of an engine is more important than looking at the static number. It will give you a much better idea if the engine will detonate or not. This is one of the most overlooked calculations in auto racing. I assure you, competitors of the Engine Masters Challenge know their number. Do you?
  • Input: Bore Size
  • Input: Stoke Length
  • Input: Number of Cylinders
  • Input: Deck Clearance
  • Input: Head Gasket Thickness
  • Input: Cylinder Head Chamber CC
  • Input: Piston Dome/Dish CC
  • Input: Intake Valve Closing Point (degrees BTDC)
  • Output: Effective/Dynamic Compression Ratio

Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows

Part of the "Engine Pack" collection of programs.