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Medical quality

An affordable inspection light that offers high quality optics and workmanship. Features: German 2.5v lamp for bright illumination. Bayonet locking head. Removable 3x magnifying lens. Rheostatic on/off switch. Autoclavable, polypropylene speculum in sizes 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.5mm. Knurled handle with a beautiful satin finish. Compact instrument measures just under 7 1/2” and weighs approximately 7 oz. Powered by 2 “C” cell batteries (not included)
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by Bob Harris

Designed for the “Stock Car and Hobby Stock” classes. This is a Race Tech Stock Car Workshop seminar filmed live with additional footage added to give you more that “Hands On” feel. Over 8 hours packed with information about the Stock Car, Hobby Stock, Street Stock and Pro Street type classes. The DVD set offers you the advantage of reviewing the material over and over again. Some of the topics covered are: Weekly maintenance, scaling and set up procedures, front end alignment, bump steer, roll centers, ride heights, rear OEM 4 link suspension, springs and shocks, tuning at the track. From the beginner to the most experienced racer.
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by Bob Harris

8 hours of winning information put onto 4 DVDs. Watch and learn from the experts! This is an actual Race Tech Workshop filmed live in January. You can purchase the set with or without the Workshop Manual. Follow along and learn, take notes, review, review and review as many times as your desire. Each DVD is organized in chapters to make your viewing simple. Keep learning more each time your review. This information will get "YOU" to Victory Lane! Some of the topics covered are: Front Suspension, Camber and Caster Angle, Bump Steer, Rear Suspensions, 2 Link and 4 Link, Panhard Bars, Torque Links, Springs, Shocks, Tire Management, Setting Your Goal, Basic Chassis Set Up, Tuning at the Track.
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by Bob Harris

This DVD explains Modified chassis set up using a Modified Chassis for live demonstration. It will walk you through the set up procedures including general recommendations and then explaining the 15 steps to setting up your modified race car. We explain how to set your front end alignment include castor, camber, and toe. Also included is how to check your ride heights, set your rear end alignment, pinion angle, and checking your weight balance. We use our tail section display to give you a visual idea of roll steer and how changing your rear trailing arms, 4 link or Z link, affect how your rear end steers. This DVD will give you an excellent base line and the correct procedure to follow when setting up your race car. Correct set up and record keeping make the difference in racing or winning the race. Knowing where you are before you get to the track helps you make the right adjustment at the track.
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by Bob Bolles

Learn everything you need to know about winning in this hands-on guide, which features the latest stock car racing chassis and suspension technology. Subjects covered include: roll centers, chassis setup, racing shocks, aerodynamics, springs, steering systems, rear geometry, brakes, testing procedures, design priorities, chassis dynamics, bump steer, weight transfer, camber/caster/Ackermann, racing software and instructions.
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by Steve Smith

Everything you need to know to build, set-up and race a modified-style car competitively. Includes front suspension system refinements, getting the proper roll center and camber curve, setting bump steer, all rear suspension systems - 3-link, swingarm, coil/monoleaf, and 4-link, Panhard bar tech, shock absorbers, the braking system, setting ballast and weight, choosing springs and shocks, chassis tuning and adjustments, solving handling problems, complete chassis set-ups for both dirt and paved cars, and much more. Over 300 photos and illustrations. Understanding and fine-tuning all rear suspension systems. Using and tuning with torque links. Adjusting the chassis to track conditions. Scaling the car and adjusting the weight. Chassis tuning with shock absorbers. Complete chassis setup and alignment. Improving steering geometry. Creating good bite with I.M.C.A. tires. Identifying and solving handling problems. For dirt and paved tracks.
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by Steve Smith

This handy booklet is a concise, indexed guide to analyzing and correcting handling problems for oval track race cars. Section a is organized by problem (such as corner entry understeer, loose under power, etc. ) with proven solutions. Section B tells what will happen if you make specific changes. Almost every solution to every chassis tuning problem is contained. This book is toolbox-sized at 3. 5"x7. 5". For all oval track applications, both paved and dirt tracks.
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by Steve Smith

For any type of late model or sportsman car on a paved track - stock front clip or fabricated front, coil spring or coil-over. Shows you detailed step-by-step chassis setup, squaring the suspension and setting angles, scaling the car and setting cross weight, camber, caster and toe, doing bump steer, sway bar preload, choosing springs and shocks. Lots of tips and tricks.
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by Steve Smith

Provides essential building and set-up information for the entry level racer. Covers: Basic chassis design & fabrication tips, complete suspension set-up, selecting springs and shocks, front end alignment, scaling the car & adjusting weight distribution, working with spring spacers, setting stagger, adjusting the car to track conditions, actual track testing sessions, and more. For both paved and dirt tracks.
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