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Dear Fellow Racer,

Long before I built qualifying engines for a Nascar team, I ran my own porting shop. I concentrated on cylinder heads at first, but quickly realized the importance of the entire induction system, and moved on to porting intake manifolds and carburetors. Later I started doing complete engines.

If I had it to do all over again, I'd just port carburetors. Why? Because they don't require a lot of expensive equipment and the results are 100% -- every modified carburetor is going to pick up horsepower.

When I first started writing "Home Porting the Holley Carb", I knew it had the potential to help every racer port his own carburetor. Then I realized, I could also show racers how to start their own carburetor business. Why not? Even just working part-time would be profitable.

Now, don't let the carburetor gurus make you think it's rocket science and only they can modify carburetors. They don't want you to think you can do your own carburetor, they want you to pay them. In fact, I'm sure they're not going to be happy to know I'm teaching their customers how to port carburetors.

I don't know if you've read any Holley Carburetor books lately, but none of the current offering actually shows you how to port a carburetor -- don't take my word for it, go to your local Barnes & Noble and preview the Holley books they have. You'll see they give some information, but none of them walk you step by step through the carburetor porting process. In fact, if you've noticed, most racing technical books lack real advice. I think this has been one of the major reasons for our success -- everything we offer is in an easy to follow step by step format and written only by successful racers.

If you knew how easy it was to port your own carburetor, you'd be doing it today.

Don't pay someone, do it yourself -- I can show you how...

Home Porting the Holley Carb
Don Terrill Publisher:
Book - (129+ illustrations)
Covers - Every Holley Carb except dominator
Now Includes: FREE SOFTWARE! and more...


What this book will teach you:

The Truth

  • What the industry doesn't want you to know about porting carburetors.
  • The tricks companies are using to make their carburetors seem better than they really are.
  • How to calculate the real CFM of any Holley carburetor.
  • How easy it is to port your own carburetor.
  • How inexpensive it is to port your own carb.


  • How to shape the top of the carburetor for the best flow.
  • What's the fastest way to remove the choke horn. Here's a clue: It's not a mill.
  • How to shape the venturis for the best flow.
  • How to shape the boosters for the best flow and jet pull.
  • What are the only safe and great flowing throttle plate screws to use. How to install them so they'll never come out.
  • How to streamline the throttle shafts for best airflow and safety.
  • What are the least amount of tools needed to port a carb. You probably already have many of these tools in your toolbox.
  • What's the best grinder to use and what's the one must-have accessory.
  • What are the best grinding bits and supplies.
  • What expensive equipment is not needed.
  • How to make your work look professional. What products and techniques to use.
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  • How to test without a flowbench.
  • What's the proper way to baseline your carburetor.
  • 3 ways to know if your finished carburetor is better.
  • How does booster strength affect the jetting required. Also, how to measure the booster strength.
  • How to know when to cross-jet (different jet numbers side to side).
  • How to make some of your own testing equipment.


  • How to set the throttle plate angle for best power. Here's a clue: It's not always straight up and down.
  • How make your own trick boosters and safely remove and replace them.
  • How to pre-adjust the carburetor for best initial results.
  • The 4 most effective ways to remove a stumble. (This alone could be worth the price of the book.)
  • How much CFM does your engine combination really need.
  • How much does engine size affect CFM needed.
  • How much does RPM affect CFM needed.
  • There is a good chance you'll have to modify the metering blocks after porting a Holley carburetor. Someday this one tip may save your butt.
  • How to create a killer track tuning kit.
  • How to get the most out of your carburetor. This is the key to becoming a great racer -- getting 100% out of your equipment. I'd guess only 5% of racers are at this level.


  • Epoxy, where and how.
  • How to use an air-fuel meter for best power. Here's a clue: The best power is not at 14.7 - 1 air-fuel ratio. This is the number most people claim, but it's not even close, unless you're trying to get 30 miles per gallon.
  • What you must be aware of if you do 2BBL carburetors.
  • How to calculate % of max power from air-fuel ratio.
  • What silly things may get in the way of your success.
  • What's the easiest way to remove stuck on bowl and metering block gaskets.
  • What's the most important thing to do right after reading this book.
  • What little known companies do I use for the best tools, supplies, and services.

Bonus #1
CarbWare 1.0 Software carburetor
  • Windows PC Holley and Mac Holley Versions
  • Keep track of unlimited carburetors.
  • Keep track of every single dimension.
  • Calculate CFM needed.
  • Calculate current CFM
  • Convert flow numbers.
  • Flowbench inputs.
  • Keep picture of each carburetor.
  • Use to run your own Carburetor Business.
  • CD extras
    1. The mp3 master for the audio tape. This way you can burn your own Audio CD.
    2. Surprise Video Clip. Will show you a few more carburetor porting tips.

Bonus #2
Members-Only Web Page

Access only to purchasers of this package

  • Get the latest book updates.
  • Get the latest software updates.
  • Get the latest carburetor articles.
  • Get the latest Internet resources.

Bonus #3
How to Start your own
Carb Biz - CD
  • What are the two most important things to starting a carburetor business?
  • Setting up a web site.
  • Controlling overhead.
  • Getting legal.
  • Financing.
  • Acquire the knowledge.
  • Acquire the tools.
  • Setting up shop.
  • Pricing.
  • How to find customers at the track.
  • How to find customers on the web.
  • How to partner with the local shops.
  • How to go big-time.

What people are saying:

    "Don, I have read and used your carb porting ideas. The first carb I ported paid my over head and I made a profit."
    Gerald Keeton
    Morton Ms.

    "AWESOME BOOK! I have read it twice already in the first week! I'm going to start on my first DONOR carb Saturday."
    Scott Christy
    Bolingbrook IL.

    "I have become well known at the local tracks as the person to go to for a great carb. I owe that to Don's knowledge and willingness to share."
    Shayne Town
    Nashville, GA

    "I really liked your book. I've done carbs for other racers and they were very happy, they said they ran great."
    K. Thomas
    Dunnellon, FL

    "Don was a valued employee in our engine dept. his engines combined for three Winston Cup poles in '97."
    John Erickson
    Sabco race operations VP

    "Don is one of my favorite resources. Sabco's qualifying performance in '97 speaks volumes."
    Billy Godbold
    Competition Cams R&D

Holley Great Idea! Start your own Carburetor Business

Use this information to start your own carburetor business--you'll pay for this package with your very first carburetor job. Update: This product has been criticized by a couple of current carburetor porters - what a shock, I guess they don't like me training their future competition. Tough shit!

Frequently asked questions:

Holley Question: Do I need expensive tools and equipment to port carburetors?

Answer: No, in fact I'll show how to port carburetors with only hand tools -- you don't even need a flowbench or a mill.

Holley Question: I'm really concerned about having to use a die grinder, is it tough?

Answer: No, if you can operate an electric tooth brush, you can learn how to run a die grinder.

No Risk, 200% Performance Guarantee -- If you don't make more hp with the first carburetor you modify using these methods, I'll gladly send you double your money back. All I ask is that you give it a fair effort. Send me proof of no improvement, and the check is on the way.

As always, if your plan is to get the book, audio cd, and software, and then ask for a refund without trying anything, don't waste my time, this information is for people who truly want to learn how to port the Holley Carburetor.

How can I make this offer? Because this method has never failed.

Package Price: $96
Contents (3 items): Book, Computer CD, Audio CD Not Convinced? Consider the following:
  • You'll double your money on the first carburetor you do for yourself or a customer.
  • It might only take one extra heat race or round victory in a year to pay for this package.
  • What is winning worth?
  • Already consider yourself an expert? How did you get that way? Remember, we all came out of the womb knowing nothing - we had to learn everything from someone else.
  • Just one good idea could make a huge difference. Even though you may already know most of these tips, what if you just found one tip you didn't know? What could that mean to your racing program?

Compare Prices:

  • Buy a new fully ported carburetor: $600 - $1500
  • Pay someone to port your carburetor: $200 - $1100 Labor
  • Port your own carburetor: FREE

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

By ordering this product, you are entering into an agreement with the publisher,, that this information is for your own personal use, and that you will not divulge any of the contents of the book or audio cd. If you are unable to comply with the terms of this Non-Disclosure Agreement, please do not order.

"I find that as I get older, the things I regret in life are NOT the things I did... but the things I DIDN'T do."
Benjamin Franklin

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