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Tami Eggleston, The Leading Authority on Auto Racing Psychology

Tami Eggleston
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I Can Explain Why You're
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I'm amazed how Drag Racers are perfectly willing to spend enormous amounts of money to find that extra bit of horsepower, but will not spend a penny on improving something far more important--their brain-power. Racers will spend an enormous amount of time working on their race cars, but they are much less likely to take time working on themselves. With competition being so fierce and close in todays' races, each racer has to take time to look for ways to find a unique mental edge.

What makes the difference between a good racer and a great racer? It's not the car, it's not luck, it is--the mental advantage! Sports psychologists believe that psychological factors are more important than physical factors when it comes to determining the primary difference between winners and losers. If you talk with any top athlete from golfers, to basketball players, to racers; 99% of them will say that mental strength, determination, concentration, and psychological influences are the most important factors in their success. This mental advantage is what takes them from good to great and from failure to success.

I hope you will consider investing in the most important part of your team -- the driver. The following is a description of my book "Psyched Out!", which also includes audio and video material.

Good luck this season.
Thanks, Tami Eggleston Ph. D.

"Psyched Out! The Psychology of Drag Racing"
Tami Eggleston Publisher:
Includes - (Book, Audio CD, Software, Logbook)
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About Tami:

Tami is the leading authority on Auto Racing Psychology. She has a B.S. degree in Biopsychology, a M.S. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Psychology. She has authored many articles on the subject, and has been published in multiple drag racing magazines. Tami also does an annual trade show seminar on drag racing psychology.

What this Package will teach you:


  • How to make a routine second nature.
  • How to keep it together when things go wrong.
  • How to find a routine that works for you.
  • Take the routine survey and find out where you stand.
  • How to know when to change your routine.


  • The 5 Steps to better concentration.
  • How to stay focused for the critical moment.
  • The crazy thought patterns that hold us back.
  • You may being lying to yourself & how to stop it.
  • The most common lies.

Arousal & Performance

  • What a typical arousal / performance curve looks like.
  • What your anxiety curve looks like.
  • How to adjust your curve for better racing results.
  • What to do if you can't adjust your curve.
  • Is there a perfect curve?

Get "In the flow"

  • What your Flow score is.
  • What Psychologist know about stress and performance.
  • How to get into the optimal zone.
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Stress & Performance

  • Are you a high or low sensation seeker? Take the test and find out.
  • What to do if you're a high sensation seeker.
  • What to do if you're a low sensation seeker.

Racing Stress

  • 8 tips for controlling your stress.
  • Find out what your stress level is.
  • What's the right amount of stress?
  • The differences between winners and losers.


  • Profile of the greatest racers.
  • Are you passive or aggressive? Which is best. Why?
  • How to control your anger.
  • Road rage, is it good or bad?

Becoming a Success

  • How to become the complete success.
  • What successful racers do.
  • How to deal with failure.
  • Mixing business and pleasure.
  • What your optimistic score is.

Goal Setting

  • 6 goal setting tips.
  • Setting specific goals.
  • Setting realistic goals.
  • Long-term and short-term.
  • How to develop goal-acheivement skills.

Package Contents

  1. Psyched Out! The psychology of Drag Racing Book
  2. "Weather Station" Software on CD.nhra This alone is worth the price of the package. PC ihra and Mac bracket racing compatible.
  3. Psyched Out! Audio CD. racing
  4. Psyched Out! Journal / Log Book.
  5. "Bracket Racing Tactics" bonus section by Todd Burks. Todd has won many $10,000 bracket races and his talents have not gone unnoticed, Edmund and Scotty Richardson have both hired Todd to drive their cars. He has won in both dragsters and door cars.

"Bracket Racing Tactics" bonus section by Todd Burks -- winner of many $10,000+ Races.

In Todd's Section you'll learn:

The Car

  • What are the 3 things you must do to make your car more consistent?
  • What is the best car to race?
  • How to get the most out of what you've got.
  • How to use a dyno to make your car more consistent.
  • What causes inconsistency and how to fix each.

The Driver

  • How do you get out of a slump?
  • How do you psych out your opponent?
  • How to keep a positive attitude, no matter what.
  • What is the best way to practice?
  • What are the 2 must have items for practice?

Driving Techniques

  • How to stage properly.
  • What lane to choose and why.
  • How to make your reactions more consistent.
  • How bottom bulb racers can improve their reactions.
  • The must use tactics for racing the finish line.
  • The more information you have the better. How to win the information battle.

"Weather Station" Software on

Software Highlights:

  • Dial-in Prediction. This is the best feature of the software -- you can use as many baseline runs as you want to calculate your dial-in, not just one like most programs
  • Digital Journal to keep all your notes.
  • Track performance from week to week.
  • Calculate: Water content, vapor pressure, air density, corrected altitude, correction factor, and much more.

Psyched Out! Audio CD. racing

CD contains almost 50 minutes of relaxation techniques. It has been found that athletes who take time to relax are more able to put themselves in control, to be a more confident competitor.

  • Full Relaxation Session
  • Short Relaxation Session
drag racing schools

Package Bonuses - (For a limited time)

  1. Free Access to Tami's -Members Only- Area. Package updates will be posted here, along with free extras. A link will be given in the back of the book.
  2. Free bonus: Winning Attitudes Audio program, over 30 minutes of success tips for racing and life. Included after the Short Relaxation Session on side 2 of the tape. These 10 tips are a must listen.
  3. Free bonus: Digital Version of Log Book. This way you can make as many copies as you like -- even make changes to fit your specific needs.
  4. Free bonus: MP3 Audio Files. The entire audio content is also include in digital format on the CD. This way you can listen to it on your computer, portable mp3 player, or you can even BURN YOUR OWN AUDIO CD. Almost 80 minutes total.
  5. Free bonus QuickTime Video Clip of Tami giving instruction at the race track. You'll need QuickTime to view, available for free at


No Risk - 100% Performance Guarantee

Terms: If after the first year of trying these techniques, you are not driving better or winning more races, and you want your money back, we'll gladly send it. Because, if we haven't helped we don't want your money. The only thing that we ask is that you give it a fair effort. Read it and give every technique a try. Show us that you've done that for at least a year and not seen improvement and the checks is on the way.

What People are Saying about Tami's Material:

"Not just interesting ideas, but actual tips"
Brian Gardner
St. Louis, Missouri

"Had never won a race, I've won 5 times since buying"
Allen Smith
New Albany, Ohio

"Great confidence builder"
Jerry Coopman
Mankato, Minnesota

"Great for racers and crew members alike"
Jeff and Linda Brost
Nekoosa, Wisconsin

"All you need if your car is set up, and you're still not winning races"
Gordie Stone
Coclhester, Vermont

"Will bring me one step closer to winning consistently"
Randel Spicer
Palm Harbor, Florida

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