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Professor of Psychology
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Drag Racing is
95% Mental, 5% Physical

Still not getting into the winner’ circle? Or maybe you find yourself always coming up just a little short of that win. Do you sometimes let the other guy play head games with you and you lose your focus, and lose the race? Or maybe you just need a shot in the arm to get you out of a temporary slump.

If you are the typical drag racer, you are going to experience all of these things at some time in your racing career. It is hard to win, and even harder to keep the winning advantage, and even harder yet to keep motivated to race year after year. That's why I researched “HEAD GAMES.” Specifically, I focused on winning personality traits, concentration and focus (one of the most common things that racers attribute for their losses!), and other tips for motivation and success at the track!

Listening to this CD one time will give you an increase in confidence (essential for winning!). The second time you listen and complete the workbook you will gain insight into yourself to help you prepare to be the best you can be. I am so sure that you are going to enjoy the CD and the worksheets that you will be asking your friends, family, and crew members questions from the surveys. And third, how to never be a victim of a HEAD GAME.

The CD is a recording of my Drag Expo Seminar.

Thank You,
Tami Eggleston
Professor of Psychology

Head Games
Recorded @ Drag Expo
Includes - (1 Audio CD & 1 Workbook)
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What this Audio SEMINAR will teach you:

Head Games

  • List of head games
  • How to combat other racer's head games.
  • What games should you engage in.


  • What's your personality type.
  • Why it's important to know.
  • How to make the best of your personality type.
  • How to surround yourself with the right types.

Left Brain, Right Brain

  • Are you left brain or right brain dominant.
  • What does this say about you.
  • How to use this to improve your driving.
  • How to maximize your potential.
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  • What is your current concentration level.
  • How this can be a prediction of driving success.
  • How to improve your concentration.
  • What level should you strive for.


  • What is your current working memory.
  • How your memory can sabotage your success.
  • How to improve your memory.


Head Games Audio CD
  • 60 minutes - This is the full recording from Tami's Drag Expo seminar.
  • Professionally recorded and manufactured - Digitally mastered and duplicated.
  • Time Coded tracks that match Workbook - This way you can go directly to the audio section you want and know the page you should be on in the workbook.
  • Personality Test - Learn your type.
  • Left/Right Brain Test - Find which side of your brain is dominant.
  • Concentration Test - This is very important for drag racers. This test is the same test pro athletes use.
  • Working Memory Test
    auto racing

    Head Games Workbook
    • Personality Test Worksheet
    • Left/Right Brain Test Worksheet
    • Concentration Test Worksheet
    • Working Memory Test Worksheet
    • Loser to Winner Worksheet
    • Winner Techniques List

    nhra Great Idea! - Listen while you're on the road or at the track -- anytime you feel like you're in a slump.

    What people are saying about Tami's Material:

      "Great confidence builder."
      Jerry Coopman
      Mankato, Minnesota

      "Will bring me one step closer to winning consistently."
      Randel Spicer
      Palm Harbor, Florida

      "Great for racers and crew members alike."
      Jeff and Linda Brost
      Nekoosa, Wisconsin

      "All you need if your car is set up, and you're still not winning races."
      Gordie Stone
      Coclhester, Vermont

      "Not just interesting ideas, but actual tips."
      Brian Gardner
      St. Louis, Missouri

    No Risk, 1 Year Performance Guarantee -- If after putting Tami's advice to use for at least a year, you honestly don't feel you're a better racer, we'll gladly send you your money back. All we ask is you give it a fair effort for at least a year. Send us proof of no improvement and the product, and the check is on the way.

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