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Dear Fellow Racer,

What's the most important part of a Drag Racers body? The eyes. So, why don't racers do anything to improve them? Good question. The following is a description of my video "Eye Training for Drag Racers." Promise me you'll at least read the description. The top atheletes in the world use these methods, you should too.

Thanks for consideration,
Tami Eggleston Ph. D.

Eye Training for Drag Racers
Tami Eggleston Publisher:
Video Drag Racing - (60min)
Now Includes: FREE Workbook/Cheat Sheet
Drag Racing

What this Video will teach you:

Brain Short Cuts

  • Brain mistakes. What are they and how to fix them.
  • How is your subconscious messing you up?
  • Why you forget things, and how to stop it.
  • What causes you to have a bad light out of the blue?


  • Why sometimes being in the zone is a bad thing.
  • How to better see what's happening at the finish line.
  • Think you're paying attention? All racers can do better. How?
  • You mind is capable of a greater level of thinking. How to get the most out of yours.


  • How to adjust for tree location.
  • How to better play the finish line when being chased.
  • How your eye sees color differently depending on it's location. How to use that information.

Dominant Eye

  • Which is your dominant eye?
  • Which eye is dominant for most great athletes? How to adjust.
  • Which lane is better for you to have a good reaction time?
  • Which lane is better for you to play the finish line?
  • Can eye glasses or contacts help?
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Eyes Playing Tricks

  • How the length of a competitors vehicle can trip you up at the finish line.
  • How can the color of a car effect you at the finish line. How to adjust.
  • This section will greatly improve your ability to play the long end.
  • How to adjust for day and night racing. It's not the same for all.

Extreme Eye Exercises

  • Many of the best athletes in the world do eye exercises. Shouldn't you?
  • Do these 3 exercises for a very short time everyday, and greatly improve your eye performance.
  • What's the 20-20-20 rule? Has nothing to do with 20-20 vision.
  • What's the most important part of the drag racers body?

Think Outside of the Box

  • Do you just want to be an average racer? What's the key to rising above the pack.
  • Why do you do things the way you do? Probably because you saw someone else do it.
  • How to learn from others. How to be a better listener.
  • You'll always want to stick to your original plan (sometimes not the best).
  • There are two types of racers. Which one are you?

Best Practices

  • What's the best late-light to red-light ratio? 90% of drag racers could improver their winning percentage by getting this right.
  • How to better learn from your experiences.
  • Visualizing techniques.
  • What should you be tracking in your log book that most racers never think of?

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Eye Training Workbook/Cheat Sheet
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What people are saying about Tami's Products:

    "Not just interesting ideas, but actual tips."
    Brian Gardner
    St. Louis, Missouri

    "Great confidence builder."
    Jerry Coopman
    Mankato, Minnesota

    "Great for racers and crew members alike."
    Jeff and Linda Brost
    Nekoosa, Wisconsin

    "All you need if your car is set up, and you're still not winning races."
    Gordie Stone
    Coclhester, Vermont

    "Will bring me one step closer to winning consistently."
    Randel Spicer
    Palm Harbor, Florida

    "As a colleague, I am impressed. As a fellow drag-racer, I am VERY impressed! Your book Psyched Out has helped me narrow the range of my reaction times considerably in this, the first couple of months of the racing season. I have been out of the sport for over 30 years and am happy to find that at the tender age of 55 that there is still PLENTY for me to learn while getting my adrenalin fix!"
    Gary Brown, Ph.D.
    Los Angeles, CA

Drag Racing Great Idea! Get an edge on your competitors by using the latest techniques to improve eye/brain performance.

Frequently asked question:

Drag Racing Question: Aren't glasses and contacts the only way to improve your eyes?

Answer: No, do the 3 exercises shown on the video for a very short time everyday, and you will improve your eye performance. Many great athletes use these techniques.

No Risk, 100% Performance Guarantee -- If after using these techniques you're not winning more races, I'll gladly send your money back. All I ask is that you give it a fair effort for at least a year. Send me proof of no improvement, and the check is on the way

Not Convinced? Consider the following:

  • It might only take one extra round a year to pay for this video.
  • With drag races coming down to a .001 of a second, these techniques will no doubt increase your odds of winning.
  • Even a small improvement could make a huge difference.
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